Welcome to 2020!

By January 6, 2020 Jupiter, Mercury, Metis, News

Hello and season’s greetings from the Jupiter Project team! We hope you had a great holiday season and are ready for crypto winter to end! We know we are!  🙂 We’ve been hard at work getting Jupiter listed on exchange(s) and the overall usage of our ecosystem to grow. We have another partnership meeting later this month with an Australian university for integrating Jupiter smart transactions and contract writing for their students. We have met twice before to outline some ideas and we progress to issuing proof of concept and examples for their curriculum. This is exciting news because we are able to provide an alternative on Jupiter to the smart contracts on Ethereum.

We are also continuing our work on the UI for Metis. We have finished our customer’s project, holidays are over, and our personal schedules are freeing up and we are back rocking the code 😉 We will release an iOS app with FaceID option and other usability improvements over the web-based app that is available now.

Speaking of code, Jupiter will have a protocol upgrade for improved stability and scalability in the coming months. This release will be more publicized and packages will be available on our Github when we get a little closer to execution time.

As you all know, the Darcrus to Jupiter swap was completed in November 2019. We will be issuing the airdrop for those participants in the coming week. We will publish the list with accounts and amounts to ensure maximum transparency. The Mercury swap is forthcoming…but not locked in yet as we are working through details with Bittrex to have Mercury swapped for Jupiter on-exchange for maximum participation and also to have another quality exchange with a Jupiter market.

Join our growing community on Telegram or join us on Metis! Send a message in the Telegram channel and we can send an ‘invite’ to you. Let’s build a prosperous 2020 together!


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