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By January 5, 2021 Gravity, Jupiter, News, Products, Rewards

We are happy to announce Biofit, located in St. Louis, MO, will use Jupiter (JUP) to reward their members for improvements in their Health and Fitness goals. Biofit uses state of the art fit-tech equipment made by Carol, Vasper, Fit3D, ARX, and the Oura ring.

Biofit is a next generation smart fitness studio that utilizes cutting edge fit-tech equipment to optimize exercise for time conscience people. How does it work? It works by ensuring you get the perfect amount of exercise every time, by doing the exercise perfectly, every time. You get instantaneous feedback on your progress from any previous exercise. The sensors tell us whether you are slacking, putting forth maximum effort, and when you are progressing towards a new baseline. These fit-tech pieces of equipment ensure your ‘recipe for success’ is mixed perfectly every time you exercise. Biofit is the only studio of its kind in the entire state of Missouri.

The best part of this is other studios around the world that have these pieces of equipment are already built to be integrated into the rewards program. This, in turn, reduces the publicly available supply while the studio holds the Jupiter in their tracked rewards wallet.

Rewards Program Overview

Members will be rewarded for arriving on time for their appointments, improvements to specific areas of rest and exercise, and overall percentage of increased output. All of these metrics are maintained in a cloud database and pulled into a custom Jupiter Gravity database for processing. After the data is read and saved, the rewards address sends the member their rewards for that appointment / improvement.

What can they do with JUP?

The member can use Jupiter for converting to Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD by way of Uniswap, hold the Jupiter for a later date, or use the rewards to get a % off their membership cost. Biofit currently has traditional partnerships with nutritionists, health snack companies, a chiropractor, and health spas. This network will begin to blossom in STL as Biofit’s traditional partnerships grow and become part of the Jupiter reward network. The times are exciting at Biofit and the Jupiter Project!

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