USDT Market on Stex!

By June 30, 2020 Jupiter, Mercury, News, Rewards

I would like to thank Stex for adding a USDT market last month! This will allow for more liquidity and order book care for our community, new and old.

Our $FORGE program is running great every Sunday. Our node rewards program has not started yet and in light of the $FORGE program and our leasing program, we feel these two programs are more appropriate at this time.

Our latest $FORGE rewards payment

FORGE (15210174725739850610)
Total available assets: 1000000000
Assets to be distributed to: 44869787
Dividend per asset: 0.00003236030516480945
Summary of proposed distribution of 1452 JUP to 10 assetholders
Based on ownership at timestamp: 84754522 (6/28/2020 17:14:50)
Prunable message included: Dividend from asset: FORGE(15210174725739850610)
Assets        Account                     Dividend
37220986      JUP-F64M-ZAWE-AZE4-78YGT    1204.48246549
4090000       JUP-QSUN-2H98-273F-58EGR    132.35364812
680000        JUP-23GJ-QG83-6WV3-3392Q    22.00500751
600000        JUP-4RUN-VD6U-6NZR-3DKVC    19.41618309
548800        JUP-ZGTR-3NK6-SA26-BNVCJ    17.75933547
500001        JUP-NVJQ-ULFM-47DZ-DNATE    16.18018494
500000        JUP-DJ2F-2YTG-4NAT-8AAHK    16.18015258
450000        JUP-QKC8-D7Y2-ZYKS-3LE8J    14.56213732
180000        JUP-E99Q-7SPB-H98M-FEBV7    5.82485492
100000        JUP-JGQM-SQKY-YSUY-8ZHUB    3.23603051

Lotto is under the knife and being revamped. I am hopeful we get Lotto running in the next two weeks, I’m long overdue on this task. Tickets for entry will be affordable and drawings will be daily.

More is coming 🙂 Help spread the word and build some tools on Jupiter! Let us know what you build and we will spread the word for you too!

Now, for our Bittrex update; we have submitted our Jupiter development roadmap to both Bittrex US and Bittrex International. We should hear a determination from both parties in the near future. As you can imagine, Bittrex is extremely busy and we are honored to continue our listing partnership. We are also awaiting feedback from our NSF project pitch, but we won’t hear from this until around October or November.


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