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By July 21, 2019 July 27th, 2019 Jupiter, Mercury, News

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on the Upbit situation: Our team received notification from Upbit. They want us to provide a letter from a Singapore law firm that Mercury is not a security. We are in communications with Upbit and will provide such documentation, as Mercury was 100% airdropped, no money was raised in an ‘ICO’, and $MER continues to be the most used asset on Waves’ platform. One issue is the inability to tweet from Mercury’s old Twitter account. Mercury’s twitter account is not under my control. It is under our old Community Manager’s email and he hasn’t/can’t relinquish it. I’ve asked twitter to allow me access and they denied it twice. Steven is working on recovering access to this account. In addition to this, we have reached out to CoinMarketCap to update our Mercury information on their site.

Confidence that Mercury will remain listed on Upbit’s wonderful exchange is high and will keep our partnership strong for future collaborations with Jupiter. Follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram and Metis chats, and check our blog for communication updates!

Upbit did not heed our development updates. Onward and upward!


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