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By February 23, 2020 Jupiter, Mercury, News, Products

Added to popular sites

This week Jupiter has been added to the popular portfolio tracking app Blockfolio. Darcrus was replaced on CoinMarketCap with Jupiter as an untracked listing. Jupiter needs more aggregate trading volume on Coinlim and future exchanges for the coin details to appear. Coinlim has upgraded their node to Jupiter 1.13.0 and is operational once again to accept Jupiter deposits and process withdrawals. There have been some questions about Mercury’s upcoming swap and we’d like to take a moment to explain. Before, during, and after the swap Mercury will continue to exist until those holders swap to the Jupiter blockchain. There will be, at a minimum, a unidirectional swap site akin to Darcrus’ swap site in the near future. This will allow anyone to swap their Mercury holdings to Jupiter without using an intermediary exchange.

Our main focus has shifted to building great products and services on Jupiter and away from keeping our code conforming to a different project. Since we will exclusively use Jupiter as our product platform, we can customize Jupiter as we need to fit our business solutions and create fully custom dapps for use.

Mercury’s cross-pollination method is becoming deprecated. Jupiter is a fully public blockchain now; anyone can participate and all blocks are secured by anyone with an installed Jupiter node. We all have a copy of this consensus blockchain database, no one has control over this blockchain, and there is no need to timestamp to another public blockchain.

Way Ahead with Jupiter

There will be companies that build dapps on Jupiter. Due to company policies or laws, some are not allowed to store their information on a public blockchain. In that case, Sigwo Technologies can assist and spin up a separate, private Jupiter blockchain for that specific company. This company has all the nodes and they create the ‘rules’ for transacting. As that’s just a very small permissioned group with the company in control, people could accuse the company to have modified the data. The company can timestamp the blockhashes from their private Jupiter chain to the public Jupiter chain using Jupiter coins. The information is still encrypted on the private chain, but having the blockhashes on two chains, you have undeniable provenance of the data of the private blockchain. This new process that uses Jupiter coins will eliminate Mercury’s cross-pollination method.

Bittrex Swap

As for Bittrex MER -> JUP swap, there is no definitive answer but we have reached out and started the process. Our team will announce this information when available and allowed.


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