Now listed on STEX Exchange!

By April 13, 2020 Jupiter

We are excited to announce that Jupiter (JUP) is now listed on STEX! STEX has many advanced options, one being fiat depositing and withdraws. Big news for us! Go check them out, sign up, and refer your friends with your referral code for additional benefits!

Sigwo Technologies has been approved and joined the Global Blockchain Association (GBA). From their website, “they connect the public and private sector leaders from around the world to build a network of inter-operable, decentralized blockchain applications for government use.” This is exciting as Sigwo Technologies begins to create demonstration applications for military and government feedback and testing. The GBA assists by coordinating strategic projects, initiatives, and efforts across multiple working groups and chapters.

Don’t forget to checkout Metis, Callisto, and our YouTube channel!

More to come from the team on all fronts!


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