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By July 27, 2020 Jupiter

Jupiter loves the community and their engagement. This is why we are launching a system to reward the community members who are actively contributing to the project.

Members are rewarded for their social media activity, using the products of Jupiter, creating manuals / tutorials, referring people to the project and other kind of tasks or challenges.

This service will also allow for anyone to advertise and push social awareness for their projects, paid in Jupiter!

Rewards amounts are multiplied based on number of $JUP owned, Twitter followers, and referrals. Use your personal referral code to gain additional multiplier benefits and help spread the Jupiter awareness!

The system is officially launching on Saturday 1st of August. Early beta access is available by invite by visiting, check in on our Telegram channel!

First reward payout will happen at the end of August. The exact amounts are to be determined and announced on a later post since we might need to scale up based on the amount of interest. Below is the initial reward multiplier table.

# of Twitter
followers Formula/50 Multiplier
50 =(SQRT(50)/50) 0.14
100 =(SQRT(100)/50) 0.20
500 =(SQRT(500)/50) 0.45
5,000 =(SQRT(5000)/50) 1.41
50,000 =(SQRT(50000)/50) 4.47
500,000 =(SQRT(500000)/50) 14.14
5,000,000 =(SQRT(5000000)/50) 44.72


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