Jupiter Node Rewards Program!

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Hello! We are back again with more ways to earn you extra Jupiter rewards! For a more passive way to earn, check out this post.

Our node rewards program will begin May 18th, 2020. and exists of 2 parts:

1) A general program that everyone can join.
2) A program for forgers.

To qualify, you’ll have to create a public, open API, archival, full node:

Download and install the Jupiter full wallet from Github. Basic instructions can be found in the README file and for an extensive installation instruction check out this guide.

Open ports 7864 (peer port) and 7876 (API) to the public internet, allowing other peers to connect and perform API requests. You can use your home internet if you wish, but you’ll most likely need to set up port forwarding for both ports to the computer’s internal IP on your home network. You will also have to check your firewall to ensure traffic to these ports is allowed in and out.

If you haven’t already created, add a file in ~/jrs/conf directory called nxt.properties In this file, add the following parameters:

nxt.myPlatform=Your Jupiter address

Note: some of them are already predefined, default settings and theoretically won’t have to be added, but to be 100% sure you configure the correct settings for the rewards program (this file overrules the default properties file) we’ve decided to include them all.

Save this file.

Now start your node according to your operating system.

FROM THE ACCOUNT YOU WANT TO GET YOUR REWARDS SENT TO, (that you’ve just added to the config file) you’ll need to send an encrypted message from your Jupiter wallet to recipient jupnodereward with the following in the message body:


We will use Jupiter’s blockchain API to call getPeers and verify your node. If you are running a full Jupiter node and you can see your node in the peers list on https://explorer.gojupiter.tech, you are going to get a reward. The call and execution will happen every 10 blocks. Each node (that isn’t our nodes) will get 1 JUP at each call. This is strictly for helping strengthen Jupiter’s node system!

Now, for additional rewards you can forge using your account. If you decide to forge, ensure your account is the same account used above in your configurations. We will check the Generators page every 30 minutes and when we see an account, we will lease some of the uncirculated coins to your account in the amount of 10x your account balance (maxing at 1B per account), helping us to lock coins and get keep our blockchain times consistently 60 seconds, as designed. The leased coins do not leave the locked accounts, they simply allow your account to have more forging power. THIS allows YOU to get more Jupiter, earn ‘interest’ on your investment, and most importantly help secure the Jupiter blockchain!

Join us in Telegram https://t.me/jupiterproject and ask for a Metis invite. Don’t forget to spread the word about Metis Video as well! Stay safe!


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