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By May 25, 2020 Jupiter

It has been a while since we talked about the ‘team’ and excess coins on Jupiter’s network. Below is a breakout I displayed in Telegram in response to some questions.

Total Supply is 92,233,720,300.00
The team addresses account for 92,029,497,592.3259000000 JUP. These are addresses we have the passphrase to. Includes the Dev funds carried from DAR.
This leaves 204,222,707.6740570000 JUP that we do not control. As you see, this is the current ‘circulating’ amount. These are coins we cannot control if they are sent places….IE circulating.
The ‘control’ does NOT include Stex or Coinlim….because we do not control those accounts. (Please account for slight rounding errors in the decimals due to Excel work.)

Mer4Jup swap address (250M)

250M Liquidity address

150M Transparent address

50M Marketing

50M Sigwo Technologies

The will begin controlled burning of the excess coins as we stabilize the chain. If we burn too many the chain’s blocktimes are consistently greater than the 60 second target time. Until then, start a forging node and get some rewards!


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