How to Earn on Jupiter

By April 25, 2020 May 3rd, 2020 Jupiter

This is an example walk through on how to participate in the Jupiter Earn Program. If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Telegram or email.


A user buys Jupiter (JUP) on an exchange using BTC. This user withdraws JUP to their wallet or By using the Jupiter DEX, the user is able to buy FORGE* (AssetID 15210174725739850610). 1 FORGE is the equivalent of 1 JUP. This price is cross checked via pricing bot looking at the value of BTC, JUP, and Tether. The index is put as the selling price, in JUP, according to the amount of JUP it takes to equal $1 USD. Let us use 10 JUP = $1 USD for our example. This would allow a user that is willing to use 10,000 JUP to purchase 10,000 FORGE on the DEX. FORGE has no decimal places.


Jupiter used to buy FORGE is used in the Sigwo Technologies forging pool. By using JUP to forge with the account JUP-CR58-R25L-ZWYU-4LFEH, we will forge blocks and earn transaction fees, as designed by the Jupiter blockchain protocol. Those Jupiter earned via forging will be distributed to the holders of FORGE each week on Sunday evenings. This method allows smaller holders to earn JUP by pooling resources and allowing them to gain a healthy return on holding FORGE.

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*Please, be cautious on the Jupiter DEX and VERIFY the Asset ID is 15210174725739850610! Any asset can be named FORGE, but ONLY the official FORGE is accepted and recognized.


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