BioFit Update – JRP Launched!

By February 3, 2021 Jupiter

BioFit STL Launches Jupiter Rewards Program (JRP)

February 1st was the first day of BioFit STL’s JRP and it launched successfully! A few words from John, the owner of BioFit STL

“Today was the launch. We have issued out 3600 tokens so far. I’m working on drafting letters of intent this week for a few other businesses to sign so we can spread the news.”

“I have a meeting with owner of FLOAT STL Thursday to get his letter of intent for JRP.”

“Friday I have a pitch meeting with the CEO of ARX to show them JPR and the benefits of using Jupiter as their brand loyalty layer.”

Metis and JRP iOS app

iOS app is integrating FaceID at this time…we aim to have a MVP iOS app by end of Q1. This will signal the marketing push for regular social media users that want to maintain their privacy while communicating on the go. The Metis iOS app will give complete control of your future IoT and communication device. Decentralization is coming for everyone!

[redacted] device

During my investor meeting, I pitched the idea of a device that goes in your home and supports IoT, Metis, and eventually your bank via crypto and stablecoins. This would be powered by Jupiter and Jupiter’s blockchain. The details are complete for a pre-alpha test when the Metis iOS app is completed. The iOS app is important because you will link your [redacted] to your phone for secured, encrypted, and private communications capability.

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