2021: Jupiter Rising

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LP FarmingBLUF

2021 is going to be a driving year for value creation on our Jupiter network. I am excited to dig into Ethereum’s toolset and extend capabilities using Jupiter and Wrapped Jupiter. In time, Jupiter’s ETH contract will be upgraded to encompass a name change (Wrapped Jupiter, WJUP) and will integrate into a gas-less transaction method using Matic’s Biconomy or something similar.

Jupiter LP Farming

The LP Rewards 2.0 program will use Unicrypt’s farm solution for automatically rewarding LPs. The farm will have an average 25% APY @ a liquidity rate of $200,000 and will have a total of 100,000,000 JUP in the contract. This will lock up 100M JUP. I will update this announcement and publish the farm’s details as soon as it is built.

Edit: I broke the farm into quarters but with the same goal in mind. 25M per quarter @ 25% APY, with target at $200k liquidity. When the liquidity reaches this milestone, the next farm will be a higher target. The farm is here. Example below.

Farm DetailsAPY





Lock up Team and Dev Tokens

I will be using Unicrypt to lock up the team and dev tokens and will have a release schedule to allow for disbursements to support developers and marketing. These will be 1-3M JUP per each monthly disbursement. This will give the community and newcomers a safer feeling with the team and our commitment to the project. When the price of JUP reaches $0.25, I will begin to reinsert disbursed tokens into the vaults or create new LP farms. Transaction details will be updated here and publicly announced.

100,000,000 JUP locked until 31 December, 2021

200,000,000 JUP locked until 30 June, 2021

I went a step further….50M JUP tokens locked into liquidity until 30 June 2021! For those counting….that is 350,000,000 JUP tokens locked and 25,000,000 JUP for the Farm for this quarter.

Jupiter Gateway progress

The gateway research is going well. Not a lot to report here, I just need to get my butt in gear. 🙂

New Jupiter Logo Competition

Our logo is old. Our color palette is tired. As you all know, I am no designer. I want someone or a team to create a new logo and a new color palette. A tint of green is what I’m leaning towards for color. Feel free to explore color schemes.

Darkest to lightest

There is a 250,000 JUP reward for each team that creates a color palette and logo media pack. We will have a vote, using JUP, and the winning person/team will receive 10,000,000 JUP. DEADLINE for submission is 31 JANUARY 2021! Get to work!

New Jupiter Website

I will be redoing gojupiter.tech to a new, modern web app to integrate the gateway, IPFS, Metis, and more. I will begin templating this coming month. As the competition goes on, I’ll have the colors and logo to finish the site.

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