Swap Deadline for DARCRUS

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Before we get too far, this swap deadline is ONLY for DARCRUS!

tl;dr Swap deadline November 1st, 2019 @ 1800 UTC and you will be getting more Jupiter in your wallets.

Our  DARCRUS swap deadline is November 1st, 2019 at 1800 UTC. Please, do NOT wait, swap today! If you do not swap you will be left with Waves Darcrus tokens and not Jupiter coins. There will be a Jupiter airdrop based on the swap addresses in the database on November 15th, 2019. Attached is our new Jupiter tokenomics explanation, based on conversations with our advisers and potential partners. We are working on our own blockchain explorer and some new games on Jupiter. We need the blockchain explorer prior to listing on exchanges and games/lottery/sweepstakes are needed to push the utilization of Jupiter up and reward our forgers. We will be announcing these games as we build them and release them for everyone to use and enjoy. Our Jupiter-based games will be open sourced and available for review and use by anyone.

Mercury will be getting a bidirectional gateway as we proceed into the future. There is no ETA nor deadline for any Mercury swapping or gateway availability.


Darcrus to Jupiter Swap!

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We have opened the exchange server for anyone to swap Darcrus tokens on the Waves network to our own mainnet, Jupiter. The swap rate for DAR to JUP is

  • 1 DAR == 7.35 JUP*
  • 1 MER == 1 JUP (MER swap is not open yet)*
  • Operational Maximum = ~250,000,000 Jupiter*


This is the overview video for swapping your tokens to Jupiter. Below the video is a recent post (lightly edited) I made in Discord, Telegram, and Metis. The swap deadline is November 1st, 2019 @ 1800 UTC! Find more info on this post!

Jupiter has many features that are available on chain. Assets, currencies, messaging (one to one), DEX, voting, marketplace, and aliases are some of the obvious capabilities. Take a look at the Jupiter wallet or download the latest release for a view. We use a technique to put data into the blocks via the messaging capability and JSON. We encrypt your raw message JSON and then use the built-in encryption to encrypt the message on Jupiter. At the protocol level, we are using messaging to stuff data into the blockchain in a way that we can call the message, decrypt it, read the JSON values (encoded like any other API retrievable data) and display it on your browser.

Each user has their entire message history in their account. Each user in a channel has a shared view of that channel, and the shared view is granted in your account. This is important, as you can move across Metis instances and still have access to any/all data you are granted. Right now, almost everyone uses or…we are working towards getting Metis versions into your Jupiter wallet as a plugin and into your phone as an native app.

Some have asked if Jupiter is a fork of Nxt. No, Jupiter started as a ‘clone’ of Nxt. A ‘fork’ implies we have Nxt information on our chain…and we don’t. We have our own genesis block. We have different token fees and did some blockchain work to improve the base code to enhance our products….more will be done in the future!

Mercury’s cross chain protection was/is for private chains anchoring to a public chain…this will still be done. We will anchor from any private Jupiter instance Sigwo Technologies sells to the now publicly usable Jupiter blockchain. Waves will still be a conduit for Mercury to provide transaction fees for Trebit and an additional (unannounced) exchange, but those that want to move to Jupiter have the ability in the near future. Mercury will also be bidirectionally swappable, but only for the amount of Mercury swapped from MER -> JUP. This means you can’t try to swap 1 million JUP to 1 million MER if 1 million MER haven’t been swapped yet, but MER is free to swap to JUP at any time. This keeps things balanced.

If you recall, our plan was to never have a blockchain at all, just build a framework on top of others…but economically this wasn’t feasible. Jupiter still makes this feasible by using small fees and selling chunks of Jupiter with our dapp installation and development services. Some companies want private Jupiter chains, which is understandable and still viable for our blockchain and the tokenomics of movement.